About our company


Company SOLAR PROJECT d.o.o. is founded in the year of 2008. In her previous work company has specialized tasks through design, sales, installation and maintenance of solar photovoltaic systems. Monitoring market demands our services have expanded to the area of ​​automation, electrical engineering and marine electronics. Company is now able to offer its clients a complete service in accordance with the relevant regulations, standards and rules of the profession.

SOLAR PROJECT d.o.o. offers complete support through our services:

Design and Engineering:

  • Design and installation of photovoltaic power plants
  • Design and implementation of strong and weak electrical currents
  • Design and installation of automation and control systems
  • Maintenance and service of photovoltaic power plants
  • Measurement of "power quality"


  • Provision of documentation in the process of acquiring the status of eligible producer of electricity (photovoltaic power)
  • Development of technical, economic and financial feasibility studies
  • Consultation on financing options and loan investments
  • Supervision and monitoring of the construction sites

Installation and maintenance:

  • Installations of ON-GRID solar power plants with connection to the energy grid (facilities and land)
  • Installations of OFF-GRID solar power plants on decentralized facilities (facilities and land)
  • Diagnostics and services of equipment components (solar panels, inverters, regulators, batteries, chargers...)
  • Installations of solar systems on vessels
  • Installation of power electronics devices (inverters, converters, separators, chargers, batteries, etc ...) on vessels


  • Sale of separate components of photovoltaic systems (PV modules, inverters, solar battery, voltage regulators, automatic chargers, cables, construction, etc.)
  • Sale of the entire range of LED lighting for interiors and exteriors
  • Sale of control cabinets, electrical distributors, UPS systems and associated equipment